What does the Skinny Pancake have to do with Love Local Catering?

The Skinny Pancake used to cater pretty much just crepes, but we realized we could do so much more. Thus, Love Local Catering was born! Whether it be crepes made in your backyard, baked goods and coffee from The Chubby Muffin or a more traditional route of Flank Steak, fish, and a sit-down dinner, we can do pretty much anything you can think of!

What kind of events do you cater?

A better question would be, what don’t we cater? From pick up or drop off breakfast to a fully catered wedding, we can do pretty much everything (makes decisions easy, huh?) Corporate events? We do those. On-site crepe spinning? You betcha. Bars in strange places? If Department of Liquor Control allows us to, we’ll be there. No matter how simple or complicated your event may be, we’ll do our part to make it on easy on you.

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