What does the Skinny Pancake have to do with Love Local Catering?

The Skinny Pancake used to cater pretty much just crepes, but we realized we could do so much more.  Thus, Love Local Catering was born! Whether it be crepes made in your backyard, baked goods and coffee from The Chubby Muffin or a more traditional route of plated dinners with flank steak, sweet potato crusted salmon, or vegetarian lasagna, we can do anything you can think of! 

What kind of events do you cater?

A better question would be: what don’t we cater? From pick up or drop off breakfast to a fully catered wedding, we can do pretty much everything. Corporate events? We do those. On-site crepe spinning? You betcha. Bars in strange places? If Department of Liquor Control allows us to, we’ll be there. No matter how simple or complicated your event may be, we’ll do our part to make it easy on you.

Like the Skinny Pancake, is Love Local Catering committed to sourcing locally?

Of course! Love Local Catering is held to the same local, social and community orientated standards. What does this mean!?! Let me tell you…

We’re on a mission to change the world by building a healthier, safer and more delicious food shed while creating everyday enjoyment that is both fun and affordable. Pretty audacious, huh? But we want everyone to take part in creating a better food world out there.

We love local. Our catering menus all contribute to a company-wide sourcing of ~70% local food, which amounts to an estimated $1 million back into the local economy. Whenever possible we strive to provide our guests with high quality, local food. We understand that affordability plays a huge role in whether folks can eat within their local foodshed, which is why we work together to create experiences that are fun, local, and accessible.

How do I create my menu?

Every event is a unique and personal experience. We at Love Local Catering make sure that your menu is based on your needs and wants and not ours. We have a wide variety of options and will make selections based on our understanding of your event, but to start with, let’s have a conversation! The most important part of any event is getting to know you to help them plan the special event you’re looking for!

I want you to my cater my wedding? What do I do next?

Shoot us an e-mail. Give us a call. Send us a messenger pigeon. The most important part is starting the conversation. Let’s look at the date, propose a menu, and of course, meet the team! You can always reach out to info@lovelocalcatering.com or give us a call at 802-540-0131.

Do you have an Off-Site Liquor License?

We do hold an off-site liquor license, if your venue requires a “licensed bar” look no further, we have what you need. We’ll handle all the permitting and paper-pushing so you don’t have to worry!

Can I have my event at Skinny Pancake?

We deal with restaurant rentals on a case by case basis, but renting one of our locations can always be an option. For example, we hold numerous holiday parties every year. If you want to host an event in our space, just ask!

Do you have an infrequently asked question? We’d love to answer it! Reach out to our office at 802.540.0131 any time or Send us an email!